On the eve of Christmas, we all make wishes and believe that they will definitely come true. Indeed, in the soul of each of us there is a place for kindness and faith in a miracle. We enter the new year with the hope that soon everything in our life will change for the better. And ourselves, in some magical way, with the help of an unknown force, we make our dreams come true ...

Often, in the repetitive daily routine, we do not notice how much is happening to us: a sudden emotion, a fleeting meeting, a cursory, or maybe an attentive look, such different words, new impressions, significant events - add up to life, full of incredible miracles ... And each the moment is imprinted in our soul ... And the soul changes, grows and matures ... And it is very important, at least sometimes, to turn back. Remember, explore, understand what makes us who we are now, and ... thank. Thank you sincerely for every day that was on the calendar: for any moments, events and emotions ...

After all, gratitude affects our health and well-being, increases our level of happiness and vitality, reduces stress and affects our work in many areas.

I would like to thank everyone who made our last year better, rejoiced with us in happy times and supported us in difficult times.

We would like to thank the attending staff of the pediatric hematology department of the Poltava clinical hospital. During the quarantine for young patients, your constant help, professionalism and free labor were so necessary.
We thank the priests and monastic parishes and monasteries of our country. Your unceasing prayers mean so much in renewing each of us.


We thank the staff of Sunday and Orthodox schools. Thanks to you, children learn not only the synergy of the world and man, but also open the area of ​​faith, revealing in a miraculous way the presence of God in everyone's little life.
We thank the Orthodox volunteers. Your relentless desire to help everyone in need is so valuable and necessary in our days to focus on yourself and your needs.

May the new year 2022 help everyone to gain the most valuable and not to miss the most important, to keep the most precious and lose the unnecessary, let go of everything that leaves and forgive the unfair and pain, leave sadness and hopelessness behind and be filled with joy, kindness and happiness.

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