Charitable "Pavlichenko Brothers’ Fund"

Charitable "Pavlichenko Brothers’ Fund" – is a Poltava Regional Public Organization, which is registered on the 8th of February 2008 (Certificate Ser. A00 No. 789402)
About us
Charitable "Fund for the Brothers Pavlicenco" - Poltava Regional Public Organization, registered 08.02.2008 (Certificate Ser. AO No. 789402).
Working directions
Regional championship "FOOTBALL FAMILY" The regional Mini-Football Championship "Football Family" among the teams of boarding schools is held twice a year (January, June) on an ongoing basis in Poltava since 2007.
The social project "FROM HEART TO HEART" is aimed at providing charitable assistance to large families and single-parent families, lonely elderly people, children in boarding schools, sick children in the tuberculosis sanatorium.
Social assistance to children's Sunday schools includes the holding of master classes of various subjects, the organization of excursions to the holy and historical places of the native land.
Sports projects: • Conducting a mini-spartakiad in futsal and table tennis in the individual championship among boarding schools in the Poltava region. • Holding beach soccer and volleyball competitions for the Season...
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Sports projects: • Futsal competitions among universities of the Poltava region.• Holding a mini-sports day in futsal and table tennis in the individual championship among boarding schools in the Poltava region.•...
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Sports projects: • Conduct futsal competitions among universities of the Poltava region.• Conducting a mini-Olympics on futsal and table tennis in the individual championship among boarding schools of the Poltava region.•...
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Sports projects: • Holding the finals of all Ukrainian mini-football competitions.• Spartakiad of higher educational institutions of Poltava region.• Carrying out competitions in mini-football for the cup "Football native land 2018".•...
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In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Today, from this day on, Christ enters not only into His sufferings, but into that terrible loneliness that...
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The guys are sitting in Sunday school, mother is talking about the feast of the Annunciation, everyone is listening. Only one small child can't sit still. Either he will get...
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If a clay pot happens to be broken in the marketplace, the potter will become furious and demand compensation for the loss. In truth, man is also made of the...
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Truly, Christ is Risen! Congratulations on the bright and joyful holiday of the Resurrection of Christ!May the miracle of the testimony of the Resurrection of Christ and the evidence that Christ...
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Friends, we congratulate everyone on a bright and mysterious Christmas! Let the blessed light of the Christmas star sanctify your life!May everything please you and nothing grieve you in the preceding...
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On the eve of Christmas, we all make wishes and believe that they will definitely come true. Indeed, in the soul of each of us there is a place for...
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